Hey guys,

Just made a quick video showing you how to make money off Youtube.

Like the title suggest… It’s little “down &  dirty” i.e it’s a quick over view of how to do it so I don’t really go into detail on how I do it but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

There is a couple of things I want you to take away from this guide though. First thing is how I find hot products that are getting A LOT of attention at the moment (and as a result… Selling like hot cakes!).

Now if you’re thinking this involves hours of tedious research… You’re wrong! in fact it’s very easy and only takes like 30 seconds to do. Basically find what’s hot then make a video about it… That’s it.

how to make money off youtube views

Secondly (Which I don’t really go into detail in the video – because as I said before, it’s a down & dirty guide and it’s only meant to be a overview of how to make money off Youtube) is promoting high priced products.

Promoting lower priced products, epecially phyical products like from Amazon etc gives you pennies to play around with. Ideally you want to be promoting really expensive products… In fact, the more expensive the better.

So if you can find a product that is HOT at the moment and is also EXPENSIVE… Then expect some BIG fat juicy commissions coming your way soon 😉

Here’s Your “Down & Dirty” Guide On How To Make Money Off Youtube!

Tools and Resources Mentioned In The Video

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A Quick Tip To Bolster Your Youtube Income…

Another way of making money with Youtube is a method I talked about here: Can You Make Money On Youtube. I basically talked about simply activating the Ads feature within your Youtube account. These ads are basically Adsense ads that show up before and during the video, plus a banner by the side of the video (Do people actually click those banners?).

But the point I’m getting here is… You can activate the ads feature while promoting affiliate products on Youtube as I’ve found this doesn’t effect the conversions of selling affiliate products whatsoever, so I would fully recommend activating the ads feature to bolster your Youtube income!

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